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Congratulations on your Offers of Admission to some of the Top Canadian Universities

by Toronto eSchool -

Students, Congratulations on your incredible offers of admission to some of the top Canadian universities. The University of Toronto, Waterloo, McMaster, Schulich and others eagerly await your arrival in September 2024. Your diligence and hard work have propelled you to even greater heights of achievement! Yes, you are amazing 


UOT EngineeringWaterloo

Time to Upgrade your Grade 12 Courses Online to Meet University Admission

by Toronto eSchool -

Hi students:

To meet your admission or conditional offer of university, there is still time to upgrade your grade 12 courses online with Toronto eSchool if you feel the current mark is not good enough. We offer 24/7 enrollment and work on the weekends and holidays as well. 

Get your high mark as less as 4 weeks or before the university target date date on 7/11/2024.


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